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von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "jelly beans spiel". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-​Versand durch. Jelly Belly Glücksrad "Bean Boozled", 1er Pack (1 x g) - Jetzt bestellen! Große Auswahl & schneller Versand. Dieses Set enthält 1 x das Bean Boozled Spiel inklusive g Jelly Beans; plus 2 x 54 g Bean Boozled Bohnen in verrückten Geschmacksrichtungen. Jelly Belly - Spiel Bean Boozled 3rd Edition bei MÜLLER ➔ Versandkostenfrei in die Filiale › Jetzt bestellen! Glücksspiel mit beliebter Trendsüßigkeit Jelly Beans; Meinung der​Nutzer: hoher Spaßfaktor mit herausfordernden Geschmackserlebnissen; pro g.

Jelly Belly Spiel

Dieses Set enthält 1 x das Bean Boozled Spiel inklusive g Jelly Beans; plus 2 x 54 g Bean Boozled Bohnen in verrückten Geschmacksrichtungen. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "jelly beans spiel". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-​Versand durch. Glücksspiel mit beliebter Trendsüßigkeit Jelly Beans; Meinung der​Nutzer: hoher Spaßfaktor mit herausfordernden Geschmackserlebnissen; pro g. Jelly Belly Spiel

There's 2 flavours for me that were so gross the taste stayed in my mouth for hours no matter what I ate or drank! Cons: Some of the jelly beans are too close in colour so trying to differentiate them on the game is difficult.

It was easier with the box, but still wasn't totally accurate. I would buy it again, but not for a long while! Fun game. Do the gross flavours taste gross?

Thats all part of the fun. Two identical looking jelly beans one is yummy and one is gross and and only one way to find out which one you got.

Its a silly little game that can produce some good laughs among friends when you see people wince at the taste of the gross candies. If you are ordering this simply because you like jelly bellies then I would suggest you shop for a jar of all good tasting flavours.

Totally worth the price for the fun. This game is horrible. I am not sure any of them are the actual nice flavour.

My kid refused to play it but was laughing so hard he was crying at watching us try a few. Seriously offside.

I purchased two as gifts and the other kids seemed to love it. Not sure what is wrong with them, they may need therapy to make sense of this but they liked it.

I don't think I can eat Jelly Belly's again. Great gift for kids though. I need a puke emoki for this review. One person found this helpful.

I can only go by my nephews reaction as I was too chicken to try it haha but judging by his glee, I would say it is a great gift haha.

This is the 2nd year I have included these jellybeans with his Christmas present and last year he had an absolute blast running around getting all the grownups try a jellybean.

His delight when they got a nasty one was contagious and we were all rolling with laughter! One of his Uncles got one he said was earwax and I thought Christopher would pass out from laughing haha.

We really enjoyed this game, I was worried about the fact that the pictures were all in Mandarin or Cantonese.

But the game arrived in English writing and it came as the 4th addition, I saw a few people's reviews mentioning they got the 3rd addition.

It was a lot of fun to play for our Easter get together with the family and got here really quickly.

Only reason I deducted a star was because there aren't the same amount of jelly beans of each flavour there are some colours that have more others that have less, but all in all such a fun little game!

Bought this for my younger cousins who are 10 - 15, and they loved it! Even the gross flavors like Dead Fish and what all.

They'd make a face, spit it out or swallow it, drink something - and right back to playing it again! I tried it once with them, and think I wound up with Dirty Socks.

It was NOT a pleasant taste! But the kids kept going. Good fun for the young 'uns. Bought these on sale to bring and torture people with during Christmas lol.

The good ones definitely taste great and the bad ones will leave you with lasting memories of your friends and family retching in disgust trying anything and everything to get that taste out of their mouth.

If you never want to be put in charge of game night again definitely buy these. The laughs will be worth nobody ever trusting you with candy again hahaha.

This was a big hit for Christmas as a little add-on to all the gifts for the kiddos. There are a lot of jelly beans for the price and the spinner worked well enough.

My husband spun the brown jellybean and picked dog food and it smelled on his breath for a good 5 minutes. He was so close to puking.. Disgustingly fun!

See all reviews from Canada. Top international reviews. Translate all reviews to English. Mein lieber Scholli Mein Gott sage ich euch, wen es einen dann wirklich erwischt und man z.

Ich kann daher nur raten, die Dinger nicht an Personen zu verschenken bzw. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote.

Please try again. Translate review to English. I bought this for my daughter as she had seen it advertised and thought the concept hilarious!

She had a birthday sleepover and all her girlfriends thought it great fun to try the different beans basically it's a Russian roulette of jelly beans - some taste yummy and some taste foul!

All in all a cheap way to keep the family occupied for a while! Product came exactly on time and was really fun to play with!

The only downside I would say is when the jelly beans are open, they have a really bad smell, even when freshly opened.

Otherwise it was an awesome roulette game to play and would definitely buy again! The premise of the game is simple, you spin the spinner and then have to choose a jelly bean of the colour you land on, tutti fruity or vomit, baby wipes or coconut?

I am amazed at how close to the real thing these taste, and there is most definitely a higher proportion of horrible beans in each box making it hilarious to watch.

My children have loved using the beans for pranks too, unsuspecting grandparents being their favourite target!

Load more international reviews. Had to improvise as my son was desperate to play the game. It was fun but a lot of money for a packet of beans alone.

This game is such as fun game especially when you just want to stay in and have a laugh. The game arrived very quickly which I was pleased about.

It comes with a selection of nice and nasty treats and a spinning wheel to help you pick which coloured sweet you will have.

Me and my family had some great laugh's with this product and I really enjoyed the game. I would recommend trying to find the toothpaste one at the end to help freshen the breath haha Bought this to play at Christmas with the family as did have a lot of fun and laughter playing this.

Some of them are truly gross but that's what makes you laugh. Very easy to play and just enough jelly beans included you wouldn't want more.

Bought this for my daughter on her request! Wowzer some of the flavours - just gross!! Kids liked daring each other, I tried a vomit one..

Came on time. Now the little one needs refills. She can buy those!! Brilliant, my daughter was desperate for this and it arrived really quickly.

Bought as a secret santa gift - the recipient seemed to like the idea behind the game, I am yet to have any feedback on how the jelly beans tasted maybenot hearing anything it is a sign that the game was good fun!

This is a great little game to play when all your mates are around, You spin the dial and if it lands on a red then you need to pick that coloured jelly bean and eat it.

I love how you will never know what flavour you will taste until you have tasted it, the sweets do last a long time depends how many people you play with,.

The flavours were spot on, but I did think it was a little pricey. But it was great fun to play with friends and the faces they pulled was a picture.

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The tour is now self-directed, which we liked. The store is fun and chock full of every variety of Jelly Belly you could ever imagine.

The line for the tour is quite long, but we had a couple people from our group stand in line while the rest of us browsed the shop and "Sample Bar' and then traded places before our tour.

The tour was great! They take you behind the scenes and show you how and where they make the jelly beans. Along the tour they provide history and fun facts.

They also give you samples of the product so you can get an understanding of all of the work it takes to make them. It's best to go early in the morning before the tour buses come.

Also, Monday thru Friday is way better than the weekend. During the weekend you only get to watch videos, because the workers have the weekend off.

During the weekday, give yourself about an hour to do the whole tour and shop. We went in August, which I'm guessing is probably one of their peak seasons.

I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't see the hour-long wait coming. Apparently it's common because they had it all cordoned off and even had signs posted for people to not block the bathrooms, etc.

Thankfully we brought our lunch, so I took the kids out to the nice picnic tables outside and we had lunch while my husband navigated the line.

Then we switched. It was a bit challenging keeping our kids corralled and from running amok. However, there were several local restaurants represented by dressed up characters that kept the kids amused enough.

Cheese, Carl's Jr. Just when we thought we had enough, we were finally escorted to the tour. We were all given paper hats to wear more for sanitation purposes than fun but it worked both ways and then herded down a hallway and made to take a photo in front of a green screen that they later had for sale after the tour.

They had put in a jelly bean background. Not my favorite part as you can tell, but they didn't really give you an option to say no.

Then it was tour time. From what I could hear, it was a really thorough telling of the founder's story and the process of making Jelly Bellies.

Unfortunately, with 7 kids in our total party 4 of them mine , we didn't always get to the next tour stop in a timely manner and the guide had often started her spiel or had finished by the time we got settled.

But I understand they were under a time crunch to get us through the tour. The kids didn't notice or care We were grateful that someone had the foresight to put in windows at kid-level.

We often found our 2-year-old mesmerized by Jelly Bellys spinning away in a hopper or being loaded via forklift. At many of the tour stops, we were given samples and at the end of the tour, each of us were given nice sized sample bags of Jelly Bellys, with a guide telling us what each one was.

Along the tour we saw the entire Jelly Belly process and even some Jelly Belly art. My husband remarked that someone had thought out the tour process and that the walkways were obviously designed and built with tours in mind.

After the tour, we browsed the Jelly Belly store although I beelined for their chocolate store -- they also make chocolate there at the factory and then left.

Everyone was pretty satisfied and happy and we all agreed that it was worth the wait. Although we didn't eat there, they did have food to buy onsite.

Not sure of the prices though. If you were in the line as pictured, your wait time would be minutes most likely. You'll get to be on the factory floor seeing and smelling everything right as it happens before your very eyes The tour guides are very knowledgable and friendly, and happy to answer any questions.

The JBU tour needs to be booked online prior to arriving to ensure that you'll be able to do it..

The gift shop is amazing in itself. A Jelly Belly heaven!! They have everything you could possibly want, including fudge, jelly beans, Sunkist jellies, chocolate, ice-cream My boyfriend was brave enough to try some of the Bertie Bots the horrible flavors - canned dog food, rotten egg, barf, boogers, earthworm, baby wipes , I was not.

But here's your chance!! This was ok as a oncer but waiting nearly an hour for just an average factory tour was hardly worth it.

It didn't cost anything so I shouldn't complain. This might be a really interesting tour for adults, teens and older children.

It was for me! Neither were the dozens of other stroller-age-toyear-old kids we could see. And there were hundreds.

On summer weekdays, expect to wait up to an hour in line for a tour, which really is the only reason to go there. At each of several upper-level viewing stations, videos on hard-to-see TV monitors did give a pretty good explanation to fill in the gaps in the guide's narrative.

But two stations devoted to Ronald Reagan?

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Disclaimer : While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Spanish 3. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. But I understand they were under a time absolutely Stelligen sympathise to get us through the tour. Selected filters. I highly recommend if you get a kick out of such things. The machine learned model takes into account factors including: the age of a review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are here verified purchases. Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:. She can buy those!! Not sure what is wrong with them, they may need therapy to make sense of this but they liked it.

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Wir würden uns freuen, wenn ihr unsere Arbeit dann einfach mit einem beliebigen Geldbetrag über eine PayPal-Spende honorieren würdet - jeder Euro zählt. Kein Rückgaberecht auf Lebensmittel; die Ware kann nicht zurückgegeben werden Wenn nichts anderes angegeben ist, hat das Produkt vom Zeitpunkt des Kaufes an eine Haltbarkeit von mindestens drei Monaten. Wer schon immer mal ein Gesicht sehen wollte, dass sich zur Faust geballt hat, sollte die Jelly Beans kaufen. Das Spiel macht den Kindern Spass. Newsletter Ja, ich möchte mich zum Newsletter anmelden um Neuigkeiten, Angebote, Geschenktipps und persönliche Empfehlungen zu erhalten. Er bestimmt, welche Jelly Belly-Bean-Sorte der Spieler essen muss. Das Fiese: Jede Farbgebung einer süßen Bohne ist mit zwei Geschmacksrichtungen. Bean Boozled Jelly Beans. Beim Spiel drehst du einfach am Rad, erhältst eine Farbe und siehst, welche Geschmacksrichtung du essen sollst. Nasenpopel sieht​. Kaubonbon Jelly Belly Glücksrad 'Bean Boozled' g. Preis ab 5,99 Euro (​). Jetzt kaufen! Top-Angebote für Jelly Belly Bean Boozled online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Tutti-Frutti oder stinkende Socken? Die Mängelbeseitigung gilt nach erfolglosem zweiten Versuch als fehlgeschlagen, wenn sich nicht insbesondere aus der Art der Sache oder des Mangels oder den sonstigen Umständen etwas anderes ergibt. Vertragssprache ist deutsch. Füge Produkte hinzu und komme später hierhin zurück. Dort nehmen Sie die entsprechende Auswahl bzw. Bewertung schreiben. Um euch jedoch weiterhin dauerhaft ein tägliches Angebot bieten zu können, sind wir künftig auf weitere Read article angewiesen. Der Reihe nach wird am Rad gedreht und die Jelly Beans, auf die der Pfeil zeigt müssen gegessen werden. Https:// Absenden der Bestellung können die Vertragsdaten über die Druckfunktion des Browsers ausgedruckt oder elektronisch gesichert werden. Nach Zugang der Bestellung bei uns werden die Bestelldaten, die gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Informationen bei Fernabsatzverträgen und die Allgemeinen More info nochmals per E-Mail an Sie übersandt. Leckere oder eklige Jelly Bean? Dasselbe gilt, wenn Sie keinen allgemeinen Gerichtsstand in Deutschland oder der EU haben oder der Wohnsitz oder gewöhnliche Aufenthalt im Zeitpunkt der Klageerhebung nicht bekannt ist. Datenschutz Cookies AGB. Jelly Belly Spiel

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